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The Biolapse LT is a timelapse solution for long term filming in remote areas or locations without power. Using a generous 25 watt solar panel and a large battery pack, the Biolapse LT can film up to a week on battery alone. If the panel should come covered in snow and the batteries fully deplete, the system will wake up and start filming again as soon as sunlight reaches the solar panel. 

The rugged design and weather sealing make the Biolapse LT perfect for harsh environments and locations with no power or network access. 

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Large Internal Volume

Careful design and placement of components has allowed the BiolapseLT to easily house larger professional DSLR’s and lenses. Any DSLR without a built in grip should fit without problem, as well as mirrorless cameras, the only requirement being the tripod 1/4-20 threads need to line up with the center of the lens. The barrel is capable of handling wider lenses up to 4 inches in diameter with a total front lens to back of camera length up to 7 inches, giving room to higher quality wide aperture lenses.

The interior also utilizes a panel organization system to prevent cables from getting snagged and to ensure everything stays in its
place. It allows you to view through the camera while it is being installed, and if needed the camera mount and camera can both be easily removed.

Efficient low power design

The power efficient electronics paired with the Power Save mode result in a very low power consumption system. A fully charged battery can last up to 7 days of shooting every 30 minutes for 12 hours a day with no power input. However your results may vary depending on camera, shooting schedule, and ambient temperatures. The Power Save mode only turns the camera on before it needs to take an image to reduce power draw.Another benefit of the low power design is the 25W solar panel is more than enough to keep it charged and running even in cloudy conditions or during winter months with less light. Unlike other systems where the panel must be set with care to be in optimal angle, the BiolapseLT attached will normally work fine with no extra consideration, however the angle is adjustable with the powder coated steel brackets on the top..

Weather Protection

The first layer of defense is the placement of the solar panel which protects the system from the elements and keeps the rain off the lens. Next I use a ip67 weather proof plastic case, all holes in the case have been sealed with waterproofing washers. The Lens barrel has a flanged inner and outer bracket that prevents water from making it through the front lens or the connection to the box, resulting in a system capable of staying dry in the harshest environments.

Lens barrel

The heavy dury Lens Barrel is constructed out of an engineering grade plastic. It consists of an inner and outer shell which clamp from the inside and outside of the enclosure with a large tempered glass front, ensuring a perfectly weatherproof enviornment.
A front ridge helps prevent water from hitting the glass during heavy weather.
The generous interior allow for larger lens even ultra wide angle with built in lens hoods.

Camera Mount

Included is a mounting solution, with a powder coated aluminum L bracket with drill holes that can also be attached to poles via cable clamps.
The attaching Pan Tilt system once tightened will lock in place extremely tightly to prevent the camera from dropping over time. All the steel parts are powder coated to protect them from the elements along with 316 stainless steel hardware.

Flip the tilt bracket over and there is a standard swiss arca style plate for connection to compatible tripods.

Solar Powered

The 25 watt solar panel is more than enough to power this system even in less than ideal conditions, no special consideration for solar angle is normally needed, this gives a weatherproofing advantage as it acts as a rain cover.  However, if needed the panel is on adjustable brackets for up a 90 degree tilt.  The solar panel plugs into the BiolapseLT via high quality SF waterproof metal connector.

  • Always running

    In order to prevent any sort of accident, there is not “start” button on this system.

    Its default state is ON.

    As long as things are plugged in correctly it begins to work. If the power is eventually drained by a
    month of snow on the panel, as soon as those spring temperatures melt the snow it will immediately resume shooting with no action needed.

  • Simple but flexible shooting schedule.

    The Biolapse LT sports a very simple and easy to use shooting schedule system. By telling it simply when to start and to end, it will shoot accordingly. This allows you to shoot only during the times you want to prevent unwanted images cluttering up the memory card. No unnecessary complexity.