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The Chronos Project

M1 Focusing Rail

M1 Focusing Rail

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The all new M1 Focusing rail from The Chronos Project. 

The M1 Rail was designed as a no compromise focusing rail. Rather than relying on inexpensive 3d printer bearings we opted to use high quality industrial grade linear bearings for ultra precise movements with even heavy payloads. To help ensure the best experience at ultra high magnifications (50x +) the M1 features an anti vibration damper to reduce any mechanical vibrations . The robust frame is constructed of engineering grade Glass Fiber infused ABS, ensuring a lifetime of excellent performance in the most demanding of environments. 


  • 150mm Travel
  • Twin high quality linear bearings
  • Anti-backlash nut
  • 0.9 degree stepper motor
  • 0.15 micron movement resolution
  • Antivibration Damper
  • Dual bubble levels
  • Hand wheel for manual movement.
  • Upper arca style clamp
  • Lower Arca style rail. 


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