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The MP6X Introduction Video

The MP6X is an innovative robotic Macro Motion Control system. With high quality lead-screws, stepper motors, and linear bearings, it delivers precise jogging and movements, even at 50x magnification. The motion is smooth and precise.

Focus Stacking

The MP6X Macro Motion Control system enables focus-stacking by controlling the subject and triggering the camera. Y Axis Stacking moves the subject for stacking, compatible with all shooting modes.

Hyper Stacking

Hyper-stacking gathers multiple stacks with subject movement between each, arranged as frames in a video like stop motion or timelapse photography. The MP6X Macro Motion Control system enables 2 keyframe hyper-stacking with focus capture adjustments to minimize out-of-focus shots.

Mirror Lockup

Experience professional-grade photography with the MP6X Mirror Lockup feature. Capture stunning shots without any blurriness or distortion. Utilize the Mirror Lockup feature to elevate your photography to the next level, producing flawless and distortion-free images.

Macro Stacked 3D Photogrammetry  (Macro rail required)

Produce high-quality 3D assets of microscopic subjects with the stacked 3D photo-grammetry feature. Customize angles and images per stack. MP6X Macro Motion Control system gathers data automatically. Enjoy semi-automatic support for subject rotation and stacking.

Y Axis Stacking

Discover the power of Y axis stacking with the innovative MP6X. Revolutionizing how you capture and display your artwork.

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