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The MP6X Macro Motion Control System

The MP6X Macro Motion Control System

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The MP6X Macro Motion Control System is the first robotic Macro Motion Control system of its kind. Using high quality lead-screws, stepper motors and linear bearings resulting in extremely precise jogging and movements, even when magnified in 50x. Hands free subject positioning for easy composition and setup. Excellent for Macro photography, product photography and Macro cinematography. Automated 3D photogrammetry to create 3D digital assets. Automated photogrammetry to create massive panoramas. Check out the features & highlights page for more specs. 


  • Sub Micron Movement resolution in the X, Y, and Z axis.
  • Rotation Axis resolution of 0.005 degrees, or 18 arc seconds.
  • True Motion Control with positional awareness.
  • 60mm travel In the X and Y axis.
  • 70mm travel in the Z axis.
  • 6 Axis motion control.
  • Compatible with 3rd party focus rails.
  • Compatible with In-Camera Focus Stacking.
  • Hands free subject positioning.
  • Automated Stacking.
  • Automated 3D photogrammetry.
  • Automated Hyper stacking.
  • Automated Hyper stacking Timelapse.
  • Automated Mosaic tiling.
  • Rail-less stacking.
  • Multi camera triggering
  • External timing control
  • Live change speed control on all motors for increased magnifications
  • Mirror Lockup Supported
  • Top cheese plate to accommodate any subject mounting methods
  • Bottom cheese plate allows MP6X to be locked into any position or orientation with your current hardware. 
  • Designed, Built & Tested in Colorado
  • 2 Week Shipping ETA
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The Chronos Project Robotics Team is a small and skilled engineering department that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship in robotics engineering. We appreciate your patience and will provide regular updates on the progress of your order to give a more accurate estimated time of completion. 

Shooting Modes

Step Mode

Step Mode allows you to jog and position with extreme position. This allows the user to select how many motor steps to move, which display the actual distance moved at the Micron scale. This ensures incredibly accurate and repeatable movements of the subject. The minimal resolution on this is approx. 1 micron per movement.

Rotational Mode

Rotational Mode will set the system to showcase the subject with full rotations. You can directly select degrees of movement from 1-9999, or quickly increase and decrease by 90 degrees with the Up and Down buttons. Or you can have the system run in continuous mode. This is an excellent for capturing 360 degree video shoots, or showcasing a small subject in a continuous rotation in front of a camera that feeds to a monitor on a trade show.

Measure Mode

This is a new feature that can be used to accurately measure subjects even smaller than the scale on a butterfly wing. By using a grid on the screen of the camera, a user can position a reference position such as the side of the butterfly wing, then position the other side of the wing to the same location on the grid. With this, the system will calculate distance moved between each position down to micron levels. The method of measurement ensures that regardless if you are at 1:1 or 50:1 magnification, that you will get an extremely accurate measurement at even the microscopic levels. The output will display the X (left or right), Z (up and down) and the Hypotenuse of those to understand the point to point distance. 

The system will continue to be updateable with new methods of moving, measuring, and capturing.

We have only just begun!

Get The Latest Software Updates

Be sure you are checking back for software updates. As we continue to add more features and tweaks to the software, we will update the links below.

The MP6X Windows Software Update Tutorial

The MP6X Mac OS Software Update Tutorial