The MP6X Motion Control System

Positioning subjects for macro photography, at extremely high magnification, is always a challenge. Traditional manual XYZ stages are all problematic because no matter how steady your hands are, the subject will vibrate and bounce making it difficult to observe the subject for interesting features. The MP6X is the first robotic Macro Motion Control system of its kind. Using high quality lead screws, stepper motors and linear bearings resulting in extremely precise hands free jogging and movements, even when magnified in 50x.

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Introducing the MP6X

50X Subject Positioning Demonstration

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Focus Stacking

Focus-stacking is the technique of capturing many images of tiny objects to merge the in-focus portions of each image to create an image where the entire subject is in focus. The MP6X is capable of controlling 3rd party focusing rails, but can also stack with a stationary camera by moving the subject.

Subject is moved instead of camera for each of the images required for the focus stack.

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Hyper Stacking

Hyper stacking is the process of gathering multiple stacks as the subject slightly moves between each stack. The corresponding stacks are then arranged as frames in a video similar to stop motion or timelapse photography. 

The MP6X supports 2 keyframe hyper stacking with adapting focus capture by expanding or contracting the stack depth between the keyframes.

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Mosaic Tiling

Mapping out large areas in small high magnification segments is accomplished with the Mosaic Tiling function. This is similar to panorama shooting methods, but allows for a stack on each tile to create massive ultra high resolution images.

Automatically map and image stack large areas to be combined into massive mosaics.

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Macro Stacked 3D Photogrammetry

Create stunning 3D assets of microscopic subjects with the stacked 3D photo-grammetry function.

MP6X Overview