Collection: Features & Highlights

Subject Positioning

The MP6X is the first robotic Macro Motion Control system of its kind. Using high quality lead-screws, stepper motors and linear bearings resulting in extremely precise jogging and movements, even when magnified in 50x. Smooth and precise motion.

Focus Stacking

Focus-stacking is the technique of capturing many images of tiny objects to merge the in-focus portions of each image to create an image where the entire subject is in focus. The MP6X Macro Motion Control system is fully capable of not only positioning the subject, but also capable of triggering the camera, controlling a 3rd party focus rail, and automating the entire process. While the MP6X Macro Subject Motion Control system is capable of controlling any stepper motor based focus rail, it can also perform the stacking without any other equipment. When “Y Axis Stacking” is enabled, the Y Axis will move the subject rather than the camera to achieve the stack. This is compatible with all the shooting modes of the MP6X Macro Subject Positioner. 

Hyper Stacking

Hyper-stacking is the process of gathering multiple stacks as the subject slightly moves between each stack. The corresponding stacks are then arranged as frames in a video similar to stop motion or timelapse photography. The MP6X Macro Motion Control system supports 2 keyframe hyper-stacking with adapting focus capture by expanding or contracting the stack depth between the keyframes. This means less wasted out of focus images when capturing the stack. With delay capabilities between frames, subjects being hyper-stacked can be timelapse to capture slow changes in the subject. 

Mosaic Tiling

The MP6X Macro Motion Control system is capable of automating panorama style shooting by splitting the larger imaging area into smaller tiles for individual capture. Regardless of the focal length, setting tile size, overlap, and canvas size is a simple process making easy work of what would normally be a very difficult setup. By rendering the resulting stacks and merging them into a single image, a massive multi gigapixel image could be created for massive wall prints bringing in incredible details at 600DPI.

Macro Stacked 3D Photogrammetry  (Macro rail required)

Create stunning 3D assets of microscopic subjects with the stacked 3D photo-grammetry function. Select the number of angles, the number of images per stack, and The MP6X Macro Motion Control system will automatically gather the data. Semi-automatic is supported to allow for automatic subject rotation and stacking, with manual changes in camera height and pitch. 

  • Fully Configurable Motors

    • Six Axis control
    • Customizable speed adjustments for the Focus axis (Rail or Rail-less). Jog speed, Check Speed, and Stack Speed.
    • Global Speed Adjustments for fast on the fly speed changes to accommodate various magnifications. 
    • Individual Axis Enable/Disable override
    • Individual Axis Normal/Reverse orientations
    • Two, Four, Eight, and Sixteen Micro step control for the Focus Motor. 
    • Universal Orientation to allow the the MP6x Motion Control system to be placed with any side facing the camera and the X and Y axis will reverse and swap purpose to ensure the correct orientation is presented to the camera.  
  • Control Module

    • Due to the different demands of macro photography setups the system needed to be as flexible, so we build a standalone controller system to make setup as easy as possible. 
    • To increase usability we use large placed dedicated buttons for menu navigation and positioning, intuitively placed to help with muscle memory.
    • Large 20×4 character display, with guided setup processes make programming very simple. 
    • The nice ergonomic design
      makes this comfortable to be used in hand or sitting on a table or stand.
  • Durable Construction

    • The tough impact resistant casing is made from an engineering grade ABS GF25 which includes a fiberglass filled core giving it a high level of dimensional accuracy and strength, with a polymer outer ring, ensuring excellent layer adhesion and toughness, ensuring that this system will last a lifetime of use.   
    • Bottom Mounted Aluminum Cheese Plate to provide endless mounting possibilities. 
    • Lightweight sliding ring top allows full range of motion while protecting the internal gears from foreign debris.